Approval workflows

Turn invoice approval into a digital, professional experience that builds trust and increases your efficiency. The approval workflows for authorizing and procuring invoices are easy to set up yourself.

Laptop and smartphone with TriFact365 approval software for approving, authorising and procuring invoices and receipts.

Approving invoices

Working in an office is no longer enough. Choose your favourite device for approving invoices. So whether you’re in the office or on the go, you can always approve invoices with the web portal, tablet or mobile app.

Rejected invoices

Segregation of duties

Reproducible for audits


Mobile app with swipe function for invoice approval, authorisation and procuring.

App for approval workflows

With the app, there is no risk of lost invoices, you also use the authorisation flows easily and quickly.

Email Reminders

Push Notifications

Skip approval

Block for payment

Set up your own schedule with authorising or procuring

TriFact365 is easy to use. Simply create your own approval workflow. Select authorize if you want to approve directly after the upload of an accounting document. Select procurate if you want to approve immediately after “Check”, in other words immediately after the automatic journal entry.

Authorisation and procuration schemes can be set up and managed with TriFac365.

Approve invoices with one click

Approve with just one click. TriFact365 makes it even easier for entrepreneurs and managers. Workflows allows you to easily set up your own approval flows. Your designated users can easily and quickly approve (or reject) invoices with a single click.

Determine your own approval workflows

Determine which users should authorise or procure and give them levels for the order. In TriFact365 you can add an unlimited number of users. Small and large organisations embrace the ease, effectiveness and scalability of our Workflows.

Dashboard with workflows for authorizing, authorizing and procuring invoices.

Choose a professional experience

TriFact365 immediately assigns received documents to the correct workflow. All workflows are easy to set up and work up to 10 levels deep. Each level can be assigned multiple users with optional or mandatory roles. This means that in addition to SME companies, large corporates and accountants also find sufficient depth in TriFact365.

Smart push notifications via app or email give users signals for actions to be performed. Any organisation can therefore use the power of TriFact365 workflows.

Dashboard with workflows for approving, authorising and procuring invoices.

Integrate easily with your accounting software

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