Improve the searchability of business documents with OCR software

Discover OCR software that makes business documents searchable in an instant. You’ll generate more value without ever lifting a finger.

Automate. Process all business accounting documents with one solution.

Startup fully automatic. OCR starts automatically, without tagging.

Smart conversion. Automatic conversion of all common file types to .PDF.

Search function. TriFact365 contains smart search functions, find your documents quickly.

Invoice to digital format (JSON) with the best OCR software

Smart search with OCR software

The digital archive allows you to effortlessly find amount, invoice number, customer name/supplier or other data. Convenient filters give you instant insight into your accounting documents.

Search options for documents in TriFact365.

OCR software enriched with machine learning

Scientific articles and studies on neural networks and big data are our sources of inspiration. By applying OCR & machine learning on a large scale, our OCR software performs very accurately. The central database with hundreds of millions of records learns independently and is managed with extreme precision.

Process receipts with the best OCR software
Intelligent OCR software

High level of intelligence

TriFact365 does not work with fixed templates and is able to interpret data like a human.

Trend up with self learning OCR software

Self learning OCR software

The OCR system learns from all users across the platform and is self-learning, automatically improving recognition.

Focus on the user

OCR tailored to you

How you as a user deal with suggested values has influence, with this input the OCR system automatically adapts itself.

OCR software with a large database

Large central database

Our database with millions of records makes a difference when training the self-learning algorithms.

Frequently asked questions

What is OCR software?

Often heard is the question “what is OCR software”? In a nutshell, OCR software looks at where the data is on a digital document to recognize it and export it via an export file.

What are OCR templates?

Standard OCR solutions recognize with templates. If then once a value is in a different place then the OCR text recognition does not work correctly, after which you as a user have to make an adjustment in the template. With the smart OCR software of TriFact365 OCR you do not need to maintain templates.

Which accounting documents does TriFact365-OCR process?

Accounting documents such as purchase invoices, sales invoices and receipts are fully automatically picked up by our OCR software. Other documents will follow in the course of 2021.

What are commonly used OCR selection criteria?

Common selection criteria of entrepreneurs and accountants are: implementation, efficiency and payback time. Repetitive, high-volume processes are naturally the first to be considered for this type of automation project. What you need is user-friendly, ingenious and reliable software.

How do I recognize user-friendly OCR software?

An OCR solution that really takes the hassle out of automation contains smart features that take the hassle out of automation. For example, intuitive screens with built-in tutorials for first-time use. With real user-friendly OCR software your organization will be able to process documents within 15 minutes.

Which file formats does TriFact365-OCR process?

TriFact365 automatically converts and processes all common file formats: UBL, XML, PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, DOC, XLS.

Increase your automatic document delivery

Make your automatic delivery of invoices and receipts fly up with TriFact365 delivery portal, a data-driven solution that automatically collects and classifies documents.

Speed up the processing of journal entries

TriFact365’s built-in solution for automatic journal entries, Scan and Recognize, gets you accounting faster.

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