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TriFact365 is a Dutch FinTech company. Full of passion when it comes to customers and technology. Our DNA contains ‘Service Orientation’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Trust’. We develop innovative software for the business market.

Our cloud software is suitable for almost any organization. This may sound very ambitious, but we really do have customers in all sizes and industries. From SMEs to multinationals, from small foundations to hospitals and from the bookkeeper on the corner to the largest international accountancy firms.

Robot and human form a hear for TriFact365 software. Discover all about This is TriFact365.

Did you know…

Our company name combines Greek and English? The 3 facts are: “better”, “faster” and “more economical”.

What exactly do we do?

You can best see our software as a funnel that you place above one or more accounting packages. Users put documents in this funnel and TriFact365 converts them into automatic booking proposals.

TriFact365 saves accountants and bookkeepers a lot of time and increases the quality of work processes in organizations, which is why TriFact365 is used in so many different branches. The core of our software consists of smart algorithms, i.e. machine learning and AI.

Our mission

OOur mission is to process financial accounting documents faster. We allow ourselves to be addressed by early recognition of the wishes of the customers, the behavior of competitors and the developments in the market. Central to our mission are professionalism, customer focus and application of modern technology.

The TriFact365 approach

Sustainability and CSR

With every decision, the consequences for the environment, society, relationships and employees are taken into account. CSR must radiate simplicity, openness, respect and quality.

Top quality software

We launch new features quickly and then interact. You will not find ancient software with us. Did you know that source code restructuring is also known as “refactoring”?


Set a good example yourself and enthuse customers by involving them in future product innovations. We respect others in the chain.

Vision on the market

The world of accounting packages and accountancy is changing rapidly. Robotization will ensure that financial transactions will be processed more and more automatically in the coming years. The (semi) automated checks before and after are given an increasingly prominent place in administration.

Vision on people

Employees should be well equipped for their task and should radiate professionalism. They are responsible for their own development. Employees should be involved in the purpose of their company. You should be able to see that in them too. Employees determine the result of their organization. They want to experience results.

Vision on customers

A customer is primarily a customer because they want to save time when processing booking documents. We activate this expectation and respond to it. A customer wants clarity; we give it. A customer wants quality, but he who never makes mistakes will never discover anything new.

Vision on IT

More and more powerful solutions are becoming available via the cloud and machine learning algorithms. New techniques such as “machine learning” are quickly adopted in our thinking and acting.


We are agile and walk our own path. We listen carefully to our customers.

Excellent execution

In an excellent organization it is all about the employees. High employee satisfaction, low illness rate and low turnover. In such a stable organization, employees perform at the highest level. A breeding ground for new ideas.


A company does not need many employees to be successful. For us, successful means a role in society. We want to be a stable employer for proud colleagues and their families. Based on our growth, we reinvest as much as possible in our software.

TriFact365 is a Dutch FinTech company, located in Amersfoort, and we are proud of that. We are proud of our Dutch roots and do not participate in outsourcing to low-wage countries.

Our story

TriFact365 was founded in 2012 and until 2015 it was run part-time by the two founders Maarten van den Bosch and Martijn de Koning. From 2015 it has gone fast due to a conscious choice to fully focus on our growth brilliance.

By mid-2021, more than 20,000 organizations will be using TriFact365 across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain. Our app is now being used successfully in New Zealand and Argentina.

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