Partner program

Our partner program rewards you with a range of benefits that you can tailor to your own goals.

Attract new clients

Become a TriFact365 partner and start attracting new clients right away. As a thank you for your efforts, you will receive a continuous kickback fee on the entire turnover your clients have created.

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Determine the height of your kickback fee

The first year you receive a standard 50% fee on the entire turnover your clients have supplied. Subsequently, your percentage is re-determined every six months on the basis of turnover growth. Read here how the ranks are determined.

Showcase your achievements

Successful partners receive listings on our website in the short term. We are also happy to put you in the spotlight when you reach certain milestones.

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Receive personalized marketing material

If desired, we can also provide personalized marketing materials. Think of whitepapers, factsheets and flyers with your contact details. It is also possible to create joint marketing materials based on your specific wishes.

Always informed

As a partner, we always keep you informed of the latest updates, developments and relevant (price) changes. We also advise you to follow us online on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn to be informed immediately.

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How does it work?

Start immediately? The online registration only takes a few minutes. Without obligations!
Read more about the entire process here.

1. Business partner purchases a TriFact365 subscription and fills in the partner application form. 2. TriFact365 provides partner code to business partner. 3. Business partner requests trial version for a prospect with the partner code. 4. Prospect purchases a TriFact365 subscription. 5. TriFact365 determines the fee amount in the first month after the quarter and shows the calculation the self billing invoice. 6. TriFact365 sends a self billing invoice to the business partner in the first month after each quarter. 7. Business partner reveices the fee amount within 30 days after the invoice date.

All the benefits

  • Ongoing kickback fee
  • Payment of kickback fee on a quarterly basis
  • Personalized marketing material (if desired)
  • Support is fully provided by TriFact365
  • Unique partner code for demo requests
  • No notice period
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