TriFact365 is continuously in development. New functionalities are developed and improvements are implemented on a regular basis. Because TriFact365 is 100% cloud-based, you will automatically work with the latest version. No manual installations required anymore! View the latest improvements and new features here.

  • Portal upload

    • New screen for Upload available for all users

  • Improved: Inbox replaces Mailbox


  • Overview pages

    • Upated version of overview pages like Backlog, Mailbox and Archive for Preview users
      • Icons at the back of the line replaced by submenu (…)
      • Additional functionalities
      • Double-click on table line
      • Copy e-mail address from administration

  • Loading bar

    • Loading bar added (top) on several pages

  • Split: Scroll bar

    • Scroll bar added to page view

  • Menu

    • New Menu available for all users
      • Menu items from the horizontal blue bar have been moved to the vertical menu
      • Mailbox has been added as a menu item for Users with access to this functionality
      • The vertical menu is collapsible to allow extra space in the screen

  • Archive

    • New screen for Archive available for all users
      • Date range filter added for Invoice date
      • Display for VAT reverse charge entries improved
      • Option to search in all columns
      • Option to export a list to Excel
      • Setting for maximum number of results per page

  • Autorisation- and Confirmation schedules


    Updated version of the Autorisation- and Confirmation schedules screen available for Administrators.

    • Level replaced by Stage.
    • Required/Optional replaced by All Users/Single User.

  • Check: Copy

    • Copying and pasting from the PDF is available for all text fields of the journal entry

  • Account details and invoice overview


    Updated version of the Account details screen available for all Owners.

  • VAT calculator

    • Improved rounding of Amount and VAT

  • Purchase subscription


    Updated version of the Purchase subcription screen avalaible.