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Smart line-level invoice processing for King Anywhere with Scan & Recognize software.

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King Anywhere

TriFact365 is the specialist in Scan & Recognize software for King Anywhere

Do you want to update your accounts in King Anywhere faster and cheaper with Scan & Recognize software? TriFact365 provides a state-of-the-art cloud solution for digital invoice processing of purchase invoices, sales invoices and receipts. You easily add these documents via cloud portal, email and/or smartphone. TriFact365 software works in full real-time with self-learning algorithms and presents a booking proposal within seconds.

TriFact365 also interfaces with King Business Software.

Customer stories from TriFact365 users

Customer example Spijker Accountants

Marion Mulkens, Spijker Accountancy

“I really like the fact that when a new creditor or debtor needs to be booked, TriFact365 presents a proposal. This saves me a lot of time as I don’t have to fill in all the creditor/debtor data manually”.

Witlox flag as user of accountancy software

Gerard Keetels, Witlox VCS

“The power of TriFact365 is in the whole invoice process. So from smart interaction with the customer for collecting invoices to the automatic booking proposals that are ready within seconds.”

Administratiekantoor de Bruijn

Martijn de Bruijn, De Bruijn Administratiekantoor

“Our customers have the invoices they receive from suppliers forwarded automatically via their own email address. The invoice is then read directly into the correct TriFact365 administration and we only need to perform the check.”

TriFact365 Factsheet

Leading invoice recognition for King Anywhere

TriFact365 processes purchase invoices, sales invoices and receipts in real time for King Anywhere. For each booking, the corresponding PDF is also sent.

Relationships can be created with 1 click and easily changed in TriFact365, after which the changes are immediately visible in King Anywhere.

Accidentally uploaded a double invoice? No problem, TriFact365 automatically notifies you when an invoice has already been processed.

A Scan & Recognize connection between King Anywhere and TriFact365 is created in just a few clicks. No investments and no extensive implementation.

Need free help during start-up? You can reach us by email and phone. We also have an extensive knowledge base with lots of information about the TriFact365/King Anywhere integration.

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