Determine the height of your kickback fee

RankingFee % (fixed semi-annually)Revenue growth (measured semi-annually)
Bronze0%EUR 0
Silver20%EUR 1-1000
Gold30%EUR 1000-1999
Platinum50%EUR 2000+

In the example below, the partnership starts on April 10. From July 1, you will receive a 50% kickback fee for a year up to July 1 of the following year on the revenue of your supplied customers. Since the partnership started earlier than July 1, you will also receive the 50% kickback fee for that period. When you start a partnership after July 1, the ‘first year’ will start on January 1.

Based on the semi-annual measurement moments, your kickback fee will be determined after the first year. Based on your revenue growth, your ranking and kickback fee is determined. In the example below, the partner shows a revenue growth of 150 between January 1 and July 1. This means that after the first year the partner will receive a 20% kickback fee on the revenue of their clients. In short: the higher the revenue growth, the greater the chance that you will receive a 30% or 50% kickback fee.

The kickback fee will be determined every six months for the next six months.

Example calculation for kickback fee for business partners.