3…2…1 Liftoff! TriFact365 goes for a new look

Over the past period, TriFact365 has taken a new step. All screens have been completely restyled and additional functionalities have been added. For example, you can now export tables in many screens and additional columns and fields have been added for additional information.

An important goal of this mission was to further increase user experience. For this we used, among other things, feedback from the user experience survey and existing requests for new features.

Now we have arrived at the final phase of this mission. Introducing the vertical menu. Starting December 13, this menu is available to all users.

What is changed in the menu?

  1. Menu items from the horizontal blue bar have been moved to the vertical menu.
  2. Mailbox has been added as a menu item for Users with access to this functionality.
  3. The vertical menu is collapsible to allow extra space in the screen.

With the introduction of the vertical menu, this major innovation project comes to an end. A milestone we do not want to let pass unnoticed.

Old logo with orange cloud transitions to new logo with orange rocket

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