5 benefits of working in the cloud

The cloud is a network of global remote servers linked together. It is not something physical, which is why it sounds vague to some people. Working in the cloud means storing and accessing files, data and software over the internet. The files and data can then also be accessed and edited online. TriFact365 also works in the cloud and in this article we list 5 advantages of working in the cloud.

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1. Available anywhere, anytime

Your data, files and software are available anywhere in the world. All you need is a working internet connection. So you can use TriFact365 anytime, anywhere to process your invoices and receipts.

2. Safety

Working in the cloud is safer than having all your files on a laptop or hard drive. A laptop or hard drive can crash or be stolen. You then lose not only your laptop or hard drive, but also all your files and data. When you work in the cloud, your files and data are housed in a well-secured data centre where the cloud servers run. Getting into the data centre is made very difficult for hackers because of the good security.

3. No high investments

Because you access your software and files via the internet, there is no longer any need to make expensive investments in hardware. Often, cloud software works on a subscription model, where you have fixed monthly charges and pay per active user.

4. No manual backup

In the cloud, you never have to manually back up all your files again. This can sometimes be a time-consuming task, especially if your hard drive is full. In fact, with many cloud software, your files are automatically saved. When invoices are processed via TriFact365, they are automatically saved in the Archive. This is where you can find your processed invoices at all times.

5. Easy collaboration

You can work with several people in the same cloud environment and easily share documents with each other. This is useful for the best possible collaboration with both your colleagues and customers.

With this, the 5 benefits of working in the cloud are clear. The TriFact365 cloud helps automate your invoice processing, saving you time as a business owner or accountant. This leaves more time for things that really matter. Wondering how TriFact365 works? Try 30 days for free!

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