Authorising invoices digitally, what’s it good for?

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Every company has its own way of working but there are plenty at whom invoice processing is still done entirely or partly offline. Invoices are printed and moved from manager to manager to receive the correct signatures and stamps. Then, provided the invoice has not disappeared somewhere on its journey, everything has to be manually typed over into an accounting package. There is probably a room somewhere in the company where all these paper invoices including stamps and signatures are then stored. We believe this can be done differently, that there is no need to have paper invoices in circulation anymore. You can conveniently store everything in one place that doesn’t take up space, namely the cloud. Read about authorising invoices digitally below.

Transform to digital working

To achieve this, it is important to convert the offline process to a digital one. Of course, you do want the invoice to be approved by the right people before booking and paying the invoice. There are several options for this within TriFact365. For example, you can set up different approval flows both before and after the booking proposal. Switching to a digital way of working brings several advantages.

  1. Time & cost savings
    Digitising work processes allows you to become a paperless office. There is no more need to print invoices and figure out who needs to give his/her approval. By means of a digital work process in TriFact365, each authoriser is automatically notified when an invoice is ready for approval. Furthermore, you also save by no longer needing storage space for all those paper invoices.
  2. Transparent
    A digital way of working helps make the processes transparent. It creates clarity about who is responsible for which part and what the next step is. In TriFact365, a digital audit trail tracks exactly who, when, performed which step. Should an invoice be rejected? Then the user can post a comment to indicate what is incorrect.
  3. Everything digital in one place
    Perhaps the most important advantage for many, you have all your invoices digitally in one place. TriFact365 has a digital archive; all invoices that have been processed and entered can be found here. So if an audit takes place or you are looking for a particular invoice, you can easily find it in the digital archive.

Conclusion: authorising invoices digitally

Switching to a digital workflow with authorisation flows thus offers several advantages. TriFact365 offers the possibility to convert your offline process to a digital working method. Would you like to test how TriFact365 can contribute to your business? Try TriFact365 now for 30 days for free!

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