SME companies unburdened by cooperation Accountants office Jansen and TriFact365

Accountantskantoor Jansen offers a total solution for SMEs. After hearing that their scan and recognition solution, DizzyData, was discontinuing, they found a new partner in TriFact365. By describing the benefits for their new way of working from a customer perspective, they were able to take the next step in digitizing their invoice flow.

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Total solution

Accounting firm Jansen has been around for 20 years and consists of a team of five. All their clients have to do is send their invoices. All administrative processes are then taken out of their hands by Accounts Office Jansen. To process purchase and sales invoices, they were using DizzyData, but since they are going to discontinue their service, they recently switched to TriFact65.

To learn more about what considerations went into this and how the transition went, TriFact365 speaks with Leontine. As an AA accountant, she is primarily responsible for financial statements and was closely involved in the choice of TriFact365.


One of the main reasons for considering TriFact365 as an option is that TriFact365 offers a subscription format with a high degree of predictability in recurring costs. In addition to this predictability, the positive stories she heard from a colleague about using TriFact365 played a big role.

“Small receipts often disappear somewhere in the car. With TriFact365’s app, you take a picture and you no longer have to keep the receipt itself!”

The switch

Once TriFact365 was chosen, the login codes and e-mail addresses for all clients had to be changed so that documents were sent to TriFact365 instead of DizzyData. Leontine recognizes that this switch can have quite an impact on how their clients work. Therefore, they decided to create as much support for the decision as possible by communicating extensively with clients. Central to this communication were the benefits that the new way of working has for clients.


An example of such a benefit is that by working with TriFact365, these customers can send their invoices directly from the mail without having to print them first. In many cases, this was already being done, but it may be that a switch of software can immediately prompt an office to take a stab at digitization. Despite the great advantages of processing invoices digitally, some clients are used to the “shoebox.

Moreover, for these customers, TriFact365 gives them instant access to an online archive. In the past a paper archive was kept in the office itself, which does not give the client the opportunity to consult this archive at any time. The digital processing of administration via TriFact365 saves time for both the clients and the office itself.

Practical explanation

Of course there is always a group of users who needed more support with the transition. Initially, they were informed of the changes by telephone. If that proved insufficient, Accountants Office Jansen organized special meetings at the office where they provided practical explanations of how the program works.

With such major changes, it is important to communicate with your client. Make sure you have the support of your client. Eventually you do want to make the switch to digital.

To provide additional support, they also mailed all their customers a Word manual. That way, all customers always had the necessary documentation available to read later on what to do when they got stuck in something.

Fewer peaks

By now it is clear to most customers that the new way of working is an improvement. Because the invoices are forwarded automatically, they no longer have to gather all the necessary documents once a month. Leontine indicates that this was something they were struggling with. On the other hand, for Accountants Office Jansen this means fewer peaks in the processing of invoices and the option to use TriFact365 to provide faster insight into the current figures of their customers.

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