On advice, Beugels Metaal & Techniek links TriFact365 invoice processing to Snelstart

At Beugels Metaal & Techniek, the emphasis is on the metal work. In the past, this sometimes caused delays in the processing of their invoices. On the advice of a consultant, the company chose TriFact365 to complement Snelstart. This way they easily implemented a four-eye principle.

Welding employee of Beugels Metaal & Techniek


Beugels Metaal & Techniek is a versatile metal company. They focus on design, production and maintenance work for both companies and individuals. They work with various materials such as steel, stainless steel (SS) and aluminum. The company has a strong local presence and is known in the community for their reliability and timely payments.


Janneke’s role consists mainly of administrative tasks. These include processing salaries, making timesheets and billing. She could use some help with the latter since she does not work every day. As a result, fast processing of invoices was sometimes delayed. So that was one of the main reasons for looking into TriFact365.

The person who recommended Snelstart also recommended using TriFact365 for the complete processing of purchase receipts, including approval.


On the recommendation of a consultant, Beugels Metaal & Techniek then decided to start using TriFact365 as an addition to Snelstart. A consultant who had also advised Snelstart in the past indicated that TriFact365 could be a simple and valuable addition. Besides the complete processing of invoices and receipts, TriFact365 also allows approval by different employees.

Four-eye principle

In TriFact365, the owner of the company now scans whether the materials ordered do indeed match what has been received and whether the amounts are correct (authorizing). Once these details are correct, Joan books the invoice to the correct ledgers and performs a general check (supplier name, invoice number and amounts). This two-step check process – which is also known as the “four-eye principle” – increases the accuracy of invoice processing without leaving invoices unaccounted for.

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