Specialisation and control makes Cappon Tax Consultants and TriFact365 a good match

Cappon Tax Consultants deals with tax advice, tax returns, payroll as well as other financial and administrative support for expats and companies living and working across borders. Their reputation has been carefully built over the past 30 years and they now have a well-known name within a specific niche, with a good position in the expat network. Since October 2023, Cappon Tax Consultants has further expanded its services, becoming part of the Cappon Group. Now they also offer insurance, mortgages and mediation. In short, a true one-stop-shop!

Vrouw kijkt op een vliegveld uit het raam, terwijl ze haar telefoon in haar hand houdt.


Christien is the owner and her speciality lies in (international) tax advice. Working with a specific niche has several advantages. Cappon Tax Consultants has built up very specific knowledge, enabling them to offer their clients extra added value. In addition, the fact that Cappon Tax Consultants always tries to establish mutual contact within its network provides a welcome addition for many entrepreneurs, “we like to think in terms of possibilities and solutions and in this way we also like to strengthen the network and mutual relationships of our clients”.


The account managers responsible for the administrative processes have experience with both the Exact Online scanning and recognition package and TriFact365 and can well articulate what the strengths of different solutions are and in which cases TriFact365 is their preferred solution. They experience TriFact365 as complementary to their already available solutions, easy, straightforward and reliable. This therefore ensures satisfaction among their customers.

“We like to think in terms of possibilities and solutions and in this way also strengthen our customers’ network and mutual relationships”


Their accounting system Exact Online also naturally has the option to have customers’ invoices booked automatically. In some cases, they prefer TriFact365, citing in particular its good recognition and reliable performance without complications.


In terms of booking the many administrations, they do everything in-house. The customer only provides their invoices, receipts and bank statements, however, good cooperation between account manager and customer is very important!

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