Highland Group and TriFact365 stand for customer experience

Highland Group, a family business, operates hotels and real estate in the heart of Amsterdam. As Highland Group, the Hoogland family has been acquiring and exploiting property in the form of boutique hotels, business premises and homes since the 1970s. Highland Group’s portfolio includes monumental buildings that are treated with respect for their rich history.

Façade of location The Highland Group

Patrick Oling, Head of Finance at Highland Group, tells about the company:

“Highland Group is run by a management board consisting of brothers and sister Hoogland. The daily management of the company is in the hands of the brothers. After father Hoogland handed over the company to his children, they further expanded the property portfolio. The vision of Highland Group is that all the acquired properties are located within walking distance of each other in the inner ring of Amsterdam.”

Boutique hotels are a customer experience

The hotels within Highland Group’s portfolio are, with the exception of Hotel Tourist Inn, all boutique hotels. So what is a boutique hotel and what does it stand for? Patrick is happy to explain:

“A boutique hotel is an approachable hotel. As a guest, you are welcomed with a cup of coffee at the regulars’ table, so to speak, and you are given time to arrive. Only then does the business aspect of the hotel visit take place, such as handing over the keys. The experience and attention for the customer is central during the visit. We try to create a homely atmosphere so that the customer’s stay is a positive experience. Word-of-mouth advertising is the best advertising you can wish for as a hotel.”

Highland Group

The customer experience that Highlang Group strives for with its boutique hotels matches TriFact365’s vision when it comes to the use and support of the scan and recognise solution. The goal of TriFact365’s vision is to exceed the expectations of a customer and to provide a positive customer experience.

TriFact365 for an own positive experience

In order to make Highlang Group’s own experience with the processing of invoices more positive, the scanning and recognition solution of TriFact365 is used. Sylvia Blonk, administrative assistant at Highland Group, explains:

“In 2015, we at Highland Group wanted to make our processes related to invoice approval more efficient and future-proof. Until this time, a signature for approval was put on a physical invoice by the management and the board of directors. Invoices had to be sent between different locations and invoices were left lying around because there was something that needed further investigation. TriFact365’s software has digitised this process for us.”

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TriFact365 offers Highland Group the opportunity to fully digitise the approval process. After checking the booking proposal, invoices are presented to the responsible manager and board member for approval. Manager and board member can then use the mobile app or the portal to approve the offered invoice. When offering the invoice for approval, TriFact365 temporarily blocks the booking for payment. By giving an approval, the booking is released for payment and can be included in a payment batch.

Expectations of Highland Group

With the use of TriFact365 Highland Group has been able to test its expectations: Has the use of TriFact365 made the work easier and made it future proof? Sylvia looks back on her own expectations and experiences:

“The use of TriFact365 for giving a digital agreement went smoothly. It is a pleasant solution where we can both approve and receive an automated booking proposal. In the beginning it was not possible for us to enter all the data for a complete booking. TriFact365 has shown in recent years that they continue to develop. Now we can make the booking we want, including payment reference and accrual.”

TriFact365 has proved to be a positive customer experience for Highland Group. Both when it comes to the software and the contact with Support and Sales.

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