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TriFact365 digitizes and thus increases the quality of workflows.

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Automatic recognition of invoices and receipts down to line level.

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TriFact365 provides free personal support via email, telephone and chat.

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TriFact365 is GDPR proof and works with ISO certified infrastructure.

“We want to be at the forefront of robotic accounting because it creates value in the chain.”

Dirk Krol, Customer Experience Krol Wezenberg Accountants

Companies using TriFact365

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Collecting Booking Documents

Explore the collection options available to you to get the most out of your document processing.


Browser-based invoice processing on PC, tablet and mobile devices.


Scan receipts and approve documents on mobile devices.


Let your suppliers and users submit documents and start workflows automatically.

Automatic invoice recognition

Immediately upon receiving an accounting document, our software starts recognition. Within a few seconds an accounting proposal is ready for you. After a visual check, you can send it to your favorite accounting program with the press of a button. TriFact365 has real-time connections with all the top 10 accounting software.

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Save time and money

Never lose documents again. Reduce the turnaround time in which invoices are approved. Whether you are a department manager, budget holder or general manager, it does not matter TriFact365 has a ready-made solution for almost all situations.

TriFact365 contains powerful Workflows for authorization and procuration management, as soon as invoices are ready you will receive automatic push notifications.

Frequently used features

Transitional booking. Invoices can be automatically booked in the correct currency and possibly spread over several periods with the option ‘Transit booking’.

Create new relationships. TriFact365 also generates an automatic proposal for creating a new debtor or creditor. Only one more push of a button is required.

Foreign currency. You can also easily process foreign invoices, TriFact365 can use automatic revaluation in accounting packages.

Block for payment. You can easily block and unblock invoices for payment. When the procuration workflow is complete, the invoice is released for payment.

Searchable archive. Per entry is recorded: the original PDF, full journal entry including entry number, relationship name, amounts, audit trail and of course any comments.

Free mobile app. Ideal for colleagues who regularly travel and submit expenses claims. Through TriFact365 you can easily photograph receipts and upload and process them in real time.

“In addition to 100% invoice recognition, TriFact365 also provides us with excellent customer service. The questions and wishes of my colleagues are answered quickly and in a pleasant way.”

Bas Peelen, Partner at Accountancy firm van den Berghe & Verdegaal

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