Hotel Brasserie Smits makes switch to TriFact365 between all developments

At Hotel Brasserie Smits there is no time to sit still this spring. Besides preparing for the high season, broadening their proposition and expanding the hotel, a switch to a new scanning and recognition system could not really be added. Yet this is exactly what they were forced to do when they heard about the discontinuation of their current provider.

Ambitious plans

Hotel Brasserie Smits, located in bustling Wemeldinge, welcomes guests of various ages and backgrounds. With the high season just around the corner, preparations for this are in full swing. Erwin, ultimately responsible for the daily running of the business, sees that Hotel Brasserie Smits, in addition to serving their broad target group, are increasingly focusing on the business market. They offer competitively priced packages, providing an all-in-one solution for meeting locations, meals and overnight stays. In addition, he says they have ambitious plans to add additional rooms and revamp the kitchen.

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Not an ideal time

So much ambition, yet they faced a setback. Yordi, responsible for administrative processing and accounting, was recently told that the service they use for booking invoices, DizzyData, would be discontinued. While it was not an ideal time to switch to a new solution, booking invoices manually was not a viable option. So they decided to invest in a program that would save both cost and time: TriFact365.

“It can be confusing when you start googling and come across a lot of features, leaving you unable to see the forest for the trees. Focus first on what you really need.”

Selection process

Yordi, who was used to working with DizzyData and had tailored their work processes accordingly, started looking for an alternative solution that offered similar functionality. Through reviews, he compared user experiences, prices and functionalities of different parties. For him, it was important to carefully evaluate the processes to determine what is really needed and before exploring different options.

Conclusion: similar to DizzyData, more favorable price

By first focusing on the real needs, Yordi and his colleagues concluded that TriFact365 was the most comparable solution, but at a more favorable price. Hotel Brasserie Smits now derives many benefits from working with TriFact365, including cost and time savings, while continuing to offer their guests the best experience.

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