PoortEijk innovates: user-friendly digital accounting with TriFact365

In 2017, Dennis Poorthuis and Martijn van Eijkel take over Verhoeve Advies and continue the firm under the name PoortEijk. This marks the start of modernising the services. The firm will become an firm of our time.

“The starting point for us and the client is the convenience of automated accounting. We no longer wanted folders with administrations to be brought to the office. There had to be an easy digital way for our clients to submit their invoices and receipts. TriFact365 relieves us and our customers of this. Whether it is delivering invoices by e-mail or photographing a receipt with the mobile app. TriFact365 offers a user-friendly solution.” So says Jeroen Berger, co-owner of EnWijDoenDeRest (part of PoortEijk).

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What does automated accounting deliver?

Saving time and reducing costs. These are the main gains achieved by using TriFact365. The booking suggestions and settings available in TriFact365, such as a standard ledger and description, mean that firms like PoortEijk spend less time processing invoices. Time savings that benefit the firm’s costs, as well as those of their clients. Thus, using TriFact365’s scanning and recognition solution, the service can be shifted to consultancy and administration processing can be offered in the form of a subscription.

“With EnWijDoenDeRest, we offer full support to self-employers in terms of his/her administration for a fixed amount per month. Within this subscription, we provide invoice processing, bank processing, VAT declaration, preparation of annual figures, income tax, proactive advice and are available for questions and advice. At PoortEijk, services are also offered in the form of a subscription. Here, we work on the basis of modules that are activated according to the customer’s needs. The customer pays according to their needs. This is all possible through the use of TriFact365.”

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What does automated accounting look like?

PoortEijk’s automated accounting, the processing of purchase and sales invoices, is an online and digital process from start to finish. Invoices are forwarded by e-mail to TriFact365. A booking proposal is then presented using the combined power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and OCR software. This proposal is then checked and sent online to be entered into the accounting software as an entry with a linked invoice.

“Besides choosing TriFact365, we chose to work with one accounting software package, AFAS. By combining these 2 systems, we are able to give all our customers the service they want. An additional module like authorisation gives customers control over the invoices received and with a dashboard the customer has the latest state of affairs when it comes to their administration.”

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PoortEijk and the future together with TriFact365

“From the first contact, we have been very happy with TriFact365. We both stand for personal and proactive contact with the customer and we both want to provide high-quality services. Providing feedback on new and already developed functionalities is appreciated and valued by TriFact365. We see that TriFact365 takes our feedback to heart and develops what we as a firm need.”

TriFact365 appreciates the feedback from all its customers and when developing functionalities, we look at broad applicability to all our customers. One of the guiding principles when developing functionalities is user-friendliness. Users must be able to act intuitively. For this reason, the layout of the screens in TriFact365 has been adjusted and additional functionalities have been added. This includes extra filter and sorting options, but also the availability of extra buttons in the control screen to, for example, convert invoices from sales to purchase and vice versa.

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“The latest developments make working with TriFact365 even more user-friendly and efficient for us. We are eagerly looking forward to the new developments. There are great things to come.”

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