QicQ makes the move to accounting at speed with TriFact365

QicQ’s goal is to get as many people out of their cars and on their bikes as possible. They recently chose TriFact365 with their invoice processing. QicQ sees TriFact365 as the solution to eventually create the ability to delineate parts of tasks more easily.

One of the first in the Netherlands

QicQ specializes in supplying speed pedelecs and e-bikes in the higher segment. Nine years ago, they were one of the first to launch these products in the Netherlands. At first they focused on the business market, then the focus shifted to the consumer market as well. As QicQ became more successful, they were able to develop a wider range of products. “The goal of QicQ is to get as many people as possible out of their cars and onto their bikes.”

vrouw op CICQ fiets

Started as a workshop employee

Within QicQ, employees are given the opportunity to develop. For example, you could start as a workshop employee and develop into a company manager. Such developments can ensure that an employee has a broad range of tasks. In such a case, responsibilities may be spread across different areas, such as supervising the workshop, sales, purchasing, accounting, as well as the Web shop or website. To keep all those balls in the air, QicQ works with a good team and can fall back on good structures and procedures. You can imagine that processing the accounting therefore has to be done as efficiently as possible.

This can surely be made easier

The departure of the bookkeeper was the perfect time for the team to take a hard look at the procedures for booking invoices and making payments. At QicQ, they were soon convinced that this could be done a lot more efficiently. After a tip from his accountant, they ended up with TriFact365.

“In retrospect, we should have done this five years earlier.”

But not only processing invoices is an important argument in the decision. It is also important to set up the processes so that some of the accounting tasks can eventually be transferred to another employee. By deploying TriFact365, the business manager, for example, can take a little more distance from the day-to-day processes, while still having the opportunity to keep thinking along with the exceptions.

Making a decision

Choosing a new software partner can be a difficult process. That’s why we ask for tips on making such a decision. They say they can advise everyone to form a razor-sharp picture of the features you’re looking for. Don’t sail blindly on a single solution, but research the market.

They also stress the importance of developing a culture in which there is continuous room for improvement: “Always look critically at whether processes can be improved. In hindsight, we should have done this five years earlier.”

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