Invoices lying around are a thing of the past at SeaMar with TriFact365

Deep Helder: A Ship of SeaMar

SeaMar is a global offshore service provider. Since 2000 SeaMar has been active in the field of managing vessels for third parties (Vessel management). Over the years, activities related to ship agency and logistics (Agency & Logistics) and services with its own offshore support and guard vessels (Schipping and Guard vessels) have been added. Esther Groet, Office & Communication Manager at SeaMar, says about SeaMar:

“SeaMar offers various services at home and abroad. For example, our offshore support vessels are currently moored off the coast of America and the Netherlands. Here, the ships and their crews carry out work for the oil and gas industry and the offshore wind industry, among others. The work for these types of vessels consists of, for example, inspecting the seabed, serving as a platform for diving activities and carrying out checks and maintenance. In addition to support vessels, we also have guard vessels under our own management. With these vessels we guard objects and waterways. From SeaMar we also offer services to third parties. Think of the clearance of ships when they enter the port and the delivery of goods (Agency & Logistics) or the manning and planning of maintenance of third-party ships (Vessel management).”

From paper invoices to digital invoicing

Because SeaMar offers a variety of services there are also different budget managers and processes. In order to use one procedure as much as possible and to ensure that no invoices are missed, SeaMar has chosen TriFact365. Marion Balkema, CFO at SeaMar, explains the following about the choice to digitize:

“We started as a small company in 2000. Everything was manageable then. Times changed and we became bigger and busier. At some moment you get to the point where a change is needed. I saw more and more bills lying on desks. You then think to yourself that it can and must be done more efficiently. On top of that there was the Corona pandemic, which meant that people started to work from home more often. In order to process invoices smoothly in this situation, automation and digitalization are necessary . In 2020, we took the step of digitizing the processing of invoices.”

Seamar employees at work at a ship

95% of the invoices is delivered digitally

Together with the accountant, SeaMar chooses to digitize with TriFact365 in 2020. TriFact365 offers SeaMar the possibility to have invoices delivered digitally by suppliers. In this way, more than 95% of the invoices will be immediately available digitally and can be processed online.

“I had set myself the goal of no longer working with paper invoices or loose receipts. Exceptions excluded. On October 1, we started using TriFact365 and as of October 14, 2020, we no longer accepted paper invoices. The feeling with TriFact365 was right from the start. It was like we had never worked any other way. By also uploading receipts with the mobile app, no more invoices or receipts are left lying around and we can work more efficiently and quickly.”

A SeaMar van in the harbor with the ship "Seven Atlantic" and a crane in the background

From start to finish digital and online

In addition to the digital delivery of invoices and receipts, SeaMar also uses the authorization function in TriFact365. This allows them to present invoices to various budget managers for clarification and approval. By using authorization, each invoice can be booked in the right way.

“Per company we assign responsible budget managers in TriFact365 who authorize all incoming invoices and receipts for their assigned company. The responsible budget manager checks the order he/she has placed and gives his/her approval with a possible comment. Based on the authorization, Esther and I (ed. Marion) can book the invoices correctly with any chargeback.”

“We are so excited about TriFact365 that we have recommended it to a fellow company!”

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