Storage Share shares fondness with TriFact365 for innovative invoice processing

For over six years, Storage Share has offered a unique solution for people looking for storage space. Their approach speaks as much simplicity as effectiveness: existing buildings are converted into storage facilities, spread throughout the Netherlands. With more than 50 locations, Storage Share has managed to stand out in a market where traditional parties often concentrate on large buildings in urban areas. Thanks to TriFact365, they can process invoices more efficiently and maintain a clear financial overview.

Two people bring stuff to Storage Share. For its internal processes, Storage Share uses TriFact365's innovative invoice processing.
Storage Share distinguishes itself by continuously improving their services partly thanks to TriFact365’s innovative invoice processing.

User-friendly and simple

One of the features that sets Storage Share apart is their commitment to customer convenience and security. Although their storage units are unmanned, they are certainly not unattended. Through an innovative app or a simple phone call, customers can access their storage space independently. Moreover, Storage Share provides continuous camera security and regularly supervising staff, so customers can also store their valuables with peace of mind.

Original approach

Another strength of Storage Share is their original approach. By transforming vacant office buildings into storage facilities, they give new life to existing real estate. The company, led by Julian Doorten and Niels van Eck, also has a strong focus on automation and financial efficiency, using innovative software for invoicing and financial management. They work closely with reliable partners such as TriFact365 for smooth invoice processing and a clear overview of the financial situation per location and cost centre.

New locations

Striving for perfection and customer satisfaction remains a key driving force behind Storage Share. They are always looking for new locations and demonstrate their commitment to providing convenience and reliability. Even if that means responding to market challenges and specific requirements in special ways.

Innovative invoice processing

Storage Share is a good example of how a company can stand out in a competitive market. In this case, they do this by focusing on customer focus, sustainability and simplicity. TriFact365 ‘s innovative invoice processing has proved to be a worthy addition in this regard, allowing Niels to focus optimally on improving and expanding their services even further.

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