How Triple P mastered TriFact365 under time pressure

Triple P is the expert in advanced communication and infrastructure solutions, Managed Cloud services, smart workplace and collaboration applications and high-quality security services. Triple P is particularly active within business services, government, healthcare and education. In a tight labour market, they were looking for a way to further automate their administration and so they ended up with TriFact365.

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Finance team

Bianca is head of finance at Triple P and is therefore responsible for the financial organisation including final responsibility for the administrative processes. The finance team also consists of a debtor and creditor administrator and an HRM employee. When the accounts payable officer decided to leave in mid-2023, the desire arose to further automate accounts payable activities.

Fortunately, the implementation of TriFact365 went as quickly and efficiently as estimated beforehand.


Processing invoices, in addition to regular work, proved too labour-intensive for the remaining team members. After researching the market, three parties were considered. The decision for TriFact365 was made after comparing brochures and online research. Besides a smooth implementation and the possibility of storing invoices in Exact online, a cost-benefit analysis also played a role, from which TriFact365 emerged as cost-effective.


The aim of the automation process was to book invoices with as little manual handling as possible. As this was still done manually, switching to software was a big step. What made the process difficult was that the switch had to be made in the middle of the year and under time pressure. Fortunately, the implementation of TriFact365 went as quickly and efficiently as estimated beforehand.

Automation company

Although Triple P is an automation company, Bianca describes herself not as a techie, but as someone with a good understanding of numbers. The fact that they spent only half an hour implementing TriFact365 and did not need any support from her technical colleagues in the process indicates that this improvement could be implemented smoothly. Apart from the time savings, the implementation of TriFact365 did not affect the course of daily operations. After six months of working with TriFact365, they are still very satisfied.

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