Openness and transparency for Van Kaam & Partners Financials with TriFact365

In the border area of the Netherlands and Belgium, literally, Van Kaam & Partners Financials is located on Stationsstraat. In an open and inviting office in the centre of Baarle-Nassau, Karen Schreppers (partner at Van Kaam & Partners Financials) and her colleagues welcome their clients.

Photo of the facade of the office of Van Kaam & Partners Financials

“Van Kaam & Partners stands for openness and transparency. This is also reflected on our website. It is important to us that the threshold for the client is low. Clients must be able to ask us all their questions and the service they choose, business and tax advice and/or administration, must work for them. Not just for us. We are the business coach of the entrepreneur and think along with them and advise where things can be done better and more user-friendly.”

Together with the client

Because of the openness of Van Kaam & Partners, they offer a free consultation without any obligation. In this consultation, Van Kaam & Partners examines, together with the client, where the needs lie in the field of services, but also what the wishes and expectations are with respect to the customer contact. Starting point is: “What can we do for each other”.

“When clients switch to us from another firm, they often say they are seen as a number. For us, it is important that the client has a pleasant customer contact and that our point of contact suits them. What drives a client? Why does he or she do what he or she does? Only when we know this we can provide them with good support.”

Photo of 2 employees of Van Kaam & Partners Financials

Van Kaam & Partners Financials switches to TriFact365

In addition to entrepreneurs reconsidering the services offered by their advisor and switching to Van Kaam & Partners, Van Kaam & Partners does the same. In 2020, Van Kaam & Partners has reconsidered the scan and recognition solution they were using. The reason for the reconsideration is that they were not sufficiently satisfied with the user friendliness and transparency. On the advice of a friendly office, Van Driel Finance, a demo of TriFact365 is requested and since then TriFact365 is the scan and recognise software for Van Kaam & Partners and its clients.

“Several clients indicated that it was not clear to them whether they had submitted invoices or not. This was not reflected in the scan and recognise solution that we were using at the time. The question occurred to us: Can’t this be done differently? In TriFact365 we saw that this information can be available for us and our clients. For this reason we decided to use TriFact365 for all our clients. This gives everyone insight into the delivered documents, for example through the Mailbox, and we can manage this.”

Photo of the interior of the office of Van Kaam & Partners Financials

TriFact365 in action

Many clients of Van Kaam & Partners periodically submit their invoices to TriFact365. The invoices are then processed by the employees of Van Kaam & Partners into a journal entry in AFAS and/or Exact. The self-learning ability of TriFact365 makes the software a little smarter with each processed invoice and booking proposals (where necessary) are improved. This just by processing the journal entry proposals.

“In addition to clients who only submit their invoices to us for processing, there are also clients who process their invoices themselves with TriFact365. A lot is already filled in for the client so not much accounting knowledge is needed to make journal entries. They only need to check the proposal and send it. One of our clients recently started to process her own invoices with TriFact365 and processed all invoices for the first quarter in a short time. She is very enthusiastic and immediately understood how it worked!”

For this client, no extra investment in time or money is needed to keep the own accounts. With TriFact365, Van Kaam en Partners has chosen for a scan and recognition solution that fits the needs of the client.

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