Digitising administration with TriFact365, prepares Strevon for next step in their growth process

Strevon is active in recruitment, targeting retrainers aged between 20-50 who do not yet know exactly what they want to do. These candidates may not have a formal education but are motivated to get started. They are looking for both new candidates and new clients. Due to their recent growth, they were looking for opportunities to digitise administration. This is how they came across TriFact365.

Jongen die in dienst is van Strevon, kijkt, met een veiligheidsbril op, lachend in de camera.


Bob plays a vital role at Strevon as head of financial and personnel administration. He is responsible for internal administration and therefore also for all processes surrounding it. Because of the company’s rapid growth, in addition to daily work Bob is always looking for how processes can be done more efficiently and digitising the administration. This urgency made Strevon decide to work with TriFact365.

Digitising administration

Having been introduced to working with TriFact365 at another company, Bob saw an opportunity in that working method to also digitise their administration at Strevon. One of the main advantages he mentions is the self-learning aspect of the system. By deploying advanced technology, the more it is used, the better the recognition of invoices becomes and, therefore, the faster the invoices can be processed.

“Ninety per cent of invoices can be rebooked this way, but it is precisely the remaining ten per cent that we want to be able to give extra attention to.”


Besides choosing TriFact365, Strevon also looked at other solutions to digitise their administration. Although those platforms also worked, TriFact365 met their needs better. Especially in terms of speed and scalability. Implementing new systems can be challenging. However, Bob still benefits greatly from the efforts he made in the early stages. By capturing master data properly right away, he believes this good preparation has been essential for the time savings he now experiences.

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