Where TriFact365 user Number Heroes sees opportunities for mid-sized accounting firms

Entrepreneurship brings with it many challenges. With the right support, these challenges can be turned into opportunities for growth and success. Number Heroes helps entrepreneurs do just that. TriFact365 asked about the future and how they hope to optimise their services even further.

2 employees of Number Heroes


Number Heroes is run by partners Cornelis and Adriaan. While Cornelis focuses on internal processes, Adriaan is more concerned with external tasks, such as acquisition and sales. Together, they have extensive experience in accountancy and have held roles as CFO, Finance Manager, Consultant and interim work in this field. This expertise, among others, enables Number Heroes to provide appropriate support to entrepreneurs at every stage of their business growth.


Number Heroes’ service revolves around three essential pillars. First, they take care of hygiene factors, such as administration, annual accounts and tax returns. Next, they offer their own expertise in interim form and, finally, they help entrepreneurs draw up growth plans to get clear and achieve where entrepreneurs want to go. For that first aspect, they use TriFact365.

Adriaan on TriFact365: “I was amazed at how good simplicity can be.”


For Number Heroes, the choice of TriFact365 has to do with their goal of automating hygiene factors as much as possible. Adriaan says they see in TriFact365 an intuitive, simple and user-friendly programme. “For zzp’ers the programme is great, for SMEs also if the organisation is not too big. Moreover, with the new authorisation and procuration schemes, TriFact365 can serve an even wider market.”


At Number Heroes, they do not opt for the traditional approach of hourly billing, but strive for transparency by working with subscription forms. This way, customers know exactly where they stand. The added value they can offer lies mainly in the personal approach they provide by looking at the entrepreneur’s needs and offering tailor-made solutions.


Adriaan sees the biggest opportunities for SMEs, which will soon no longer need an auditor’s report. With the advent of European CSRD rules and increasing staffing problems in the accountancy sector, Adriaan predicts that prices for large accountancy firms will increase. This will make many SMEs consider switching to parties that are smaller in size in the future. Number Heroes is preparing for these changes by developing broad financial services and choosing the solutions, such as TriFact365, to best automate ongoing processes.

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