Upload invoices in TriFact365: 4 ways

Good intentions for implementing digital invoice processing sometimes quickly fall by the wayside when faced with the mountain of invoices that need to be delivered in a streamlined manner to do so. Does your courage sink in? Don’t be put off, because TriFact365 offers various delivery methods. Upload invoices is quick and easy with TriFact365!

Laptop with screen of orders to portray that uploading invoices with TriFact365 is easy and fast.

1. Scanning paper invoices

In fact, you can easily structure the stack of paper invoices by scanning them and sending them to TriFact365. Each administration has a unique e-mail address to which invoices can be sent. Via automatic delivery, scanned invoices, in bulk or single, become available in the portal. Before you process them, you can split or merge the accounting entries if necessary.

2. Upload into the portal

It is also possible to manually upload invoices stored on your PC into the portal. With a few mouse clicks, you select the desired invoices, which then enter the workflow directly. This allows you to submit invoices stored locally on the computer quickly and easily.

3. Automatic email delivery of digital invoices

It is even easier to have invoices that arrive by email forwarded directly to TriFact365. Set up your e-mail programme to automatically forward e-mails from certain senders with invoices to TriFact365’s unique e-mail address. Make sure that supplier emails arrive at their own email address (e.g. facturen@mijnbedrijf.nl). This way, you keep control over the invoice flow yourself. In addition, you can even specify in the subject of the e-mail whether it is a (bulk) purchase invoice or (bulk) sales invoice.

4. Upload receipts via the mobile app

No administration is complete without receipts. That is why TriFact365 has developed a mobile app that allows you to take photos of receipts anytime and anywhere. As a result, receipts are never lost again and are immediately digitised.

TriFact365 mobile app

This can make it a lot easier for both accountants and entrepreneurs to digitise and automate their administration. Handing shoeboxes of invoices and receipts to the accountant is a thing of the past.

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