TriFact365 and LED ONLY, together against waste

LED ONLY partners with TriFact365 to help companies combat waste. “The people responsible for savings often take current costs for granted, and technicians who know how much can be saved are not concerned with cost savings.”

Small investment, recurring effect

LED ONLY starts around the time LED lighting first makes its appearance. They acquire a name for themselves by collecting and importing the best components. Henk, owner of LED ONLY, says they can additionally add value by talking to companies and entrepreneurs about efficiency.

“The other day I came into a warehouse, where the lights were on all day, while for a large part of the space only half an hour of lighting was needed in the morning – during unloading. Then one of the most important questions I ask is, ‘What exactly are you doing here?'”

Henk applies the same way of thinking to other business processes. That’s also how he ended up with TriFact365. TriFact365’s software allows him to forward invoices automatically and collect them that way. A small investment in this process saves him time and time again.

Lights from LedOnly in a parking garage

Different aspects

The current energy tariffs are already causing many SME companies to change their thinking when it comes to energy consumption, Henk has noticed. Nevertheless, he is convinced that there are still gains to be made at many companies: falls “Previously, smaller companies paid 18 cents per kWh, then you earn back an investment in LED lighting in three to five years.”

With current energy rates, the investments are only more attractive. “Companies now pay up to 44 cents per kWh. An investment then pays for itself within a year.” At the same time, Henk cautions against making hasty decisions when making purchases. Looking at LED lighting, he notices that there is a lot of difference in quality.

For Henk, a good quality product consists of more than just a favorable purchase price; other facets such as implementation or product life also play a major role. “You can ask yourself whether it is really that cheap if you buy lamps that after a few years no longer emit any light and you are forced to replace everything.”

He cites TriFact365’s solution as an example where different aspects of the product were considered. “I started with the trial version, which was easy. The next step was to implement the system, that process also went smoothly. In addition, I was able to get to Support quickly if I had any questions.” Points that make TriFact365 offer high quality, and by which you notice that TriFact365 is a company that wants to do better every day than yesterday.

Realize that it’s not just a light bulb hanging from the ceiling; it’s actually a large, invisible expense

Future Ambitions

The main thing he wants to focus on with LED ONLY is to continue to drive urgency when it comes to the gains to be made in lighting. He notices that LED lighting is still often associated with a chilly look, whereas thanks to current developments this is no longer the case. He would like to dispel such prejudices. Henk indicates that he will continue to work with TriFact365 so that he can better focus on the work that is really important to him.

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