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What is AFAS Scan and Recognize by TriFact365 exactly?

TriFact365 is packed with self-developed and self-learning algorithms. Our Scan and Recognize processes all booking documents for AFAS customers at lightning speed. Within a few seconds after delivery you will receive a complete booking proposal. In addition, TriFact365 contains many extra features for smart digitization of processes.

Save time and increase the quality of processes

TriFact365 minimizes the number of actions, allowing you to do more bookkeeping with less time and increasing productivity. As an additional advantage, automatic checks take place which means you make fewer mistakes and therefore also improve the quality of financial processes towards AFAS.

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Delivery portal for AFAS

TriFact365 processes and accepts e-invoices in all major formats, including PDF, UBL, JPG, PNG, TIFF, WORD and EXCEL. Paper invoices are also easily scanned and delivered digitally via email, portal or app. Automatic workflows for smart invoice processing start immediately upon receipt of a document.

  • e-mail, mobile app, scanner and portal
  • for all booking documents such as invoices & receipts
  • receive e-invoices from the Peppol network
  • unlimited free users

The core: Scan and Recognize for AFAS

TriFact365 is packed with self-developed and self-learning algorithms. Our software scans and recognizes all booking documents for AFAS customers at lightning speed. Within a few seconds after delivery you will receive a complete booking proposal, count your profit. Discover the operation and benefits of our smart scanning software for your AFAS administration(s).

For all purchase invoices, sales invoices, receipts and declarations

Step 1. Upload

Step 2. Automatic booking proposal

Step 3. One click and done!

AFAS invoice processing with the best Scan and Recognize software.

Scan and recognize invoices

Met TriFact365 boek je eenvoudig en snel alle inkoopfacturen en With TriFact365 you simply and quickly book all purchase invoices and sales invoices in AFAS. In most cases with just one click, so count your profit.

Optional workflows: authorize and procure

De keuze is aan jou, je kunt aanvullend gebruik maken van de AFAS The choice is yours, you can make additional use of the AFAS Workflows or you can opt for cost savings with the TriFact365 workflows for authorization and procuration. Smart signaling via email or push notification in your App notifies users to perform a procuration. After authorization, the journal entry automatically appears for AFAS.

TriFact365 workflows is a widely used add-on to digitally approve receipts and declarations outside AFAS, at competitive rates.

Also for declarations to AFAS

In addition to invoice processing, you can also use TriFact365 as expense report software to directly create and process all receipts digitally. Users can easily get started with the free TriFact365 app (iOS/Android) for submitting receipts.

As with invoices, the journal entry for receipts can be processed at the line level with different VAT codes per line. If you prefer to work with VAT subtotals then that setting is also possible. With TriFact365 you have a perfect connection to AFAS Software in all cases.

After booking, users can optionally issue procuration which allows you to temporarily block declarations and after procuration automatically unblock them for payment via AFAS. With the journal entry, an attachment in PDF format of the claim is also sent to AFAS, so your digital file of all your receipts is also available in AFAS in addition to TriFact365.

Everything you need

TriFact365 automates the processing of purchase invoices, sales invoices, receipts, claims and other documents. You can create an unlimited number of free users for the delivery of accounting documents. TriFact365 processes all common file formats. An additional advantage is the easily configurable workflows for authorization and procuration at the most competitive rates in the Netherlands. Furthermore, with TriFact365 you also get access to the built-in algorithms for 100% automatic invoice recognition.

  • Upload via e-mail, portal & mobile app
  • For purchase invoices, sales invoices and receipts
  • All common file formats
  • Easiest scan and recognition of Europe
  • Lightning fast and self-learning booking proposals
  • Document portal with workflows
  • Digital archive

>20.000 companies work with the easiest scan and recognition in Europe.

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Save with out-of-the-box integration for AFAS Scan and Recognize

Our out-of-the-box integration makes expensive consultancy unnecessary. When you open TriFact365 for the first time, an intuitive work instruction starts immediately that guides you through the realization of the link. It does not matter whether you work with AFAS Profit, Small Business or Accountancy Lite. Within 15 minutes you benefit from digital invoice processing for AFAS.

The facts for AFAS at a glance

Our Scan and Recognize software is the largest in volume for AFAS (source AFAS). We score the most 5-star references for top 10 ERP and accounting packages in the Netherlands. Users appreciate our platform mainly because of speed, ease of use, cost savings and excellent personal service.

TriFact365 has been using fair, transparent and competitive rates for years.

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What is AFAS?

The Dutch family business AFAS has more than 12,000 customers from various industries and won the Koning Willem Prize in the Large Business category. The general basis consists of ERP software and the main modules are CRM, Financial, HRM, Order Management, Payroll, Projects and Workflow Management.

TriFact365 is official partner of AFAS Software

Being an official partner of AFAS Software means that the link with TriFact365 is certified. As a partner we are present at events of AFAS. We regularly give presentations together with AFAS, you may recognize us from AFAS meetings titled "Accounting Factory".

Can I also use TriFact365 for receipts?

Yes, you can use TriFact365 for travel expenses and other expenses.

Are you looking for AFAS and TriFact365 customer stories?

Like AFAS, we also value telling and sharing customer experiences.

What are the latest developments of TriFact365 for AFAS?

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Are you looking for more information about the connection between TriFact365 and AFAS?

Check out our knowledge base with a lot of information about TriFact365 and AFAS under accounting packages.

What are the costs of TriFact365 for AFAS?

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