Since March 11th 2015 the new Telecommunication Act is in force within the Netherlands. This new act makes sure that cookies who do not have an impact or only have a small impact on a website’s user privacy do not need to be confirmed by the user before accessing the website.
On this page we explain what cookies are, what they are used for and for what purpose TriFact365 uses them.
Why cookies?

The relationship with our clients is most important to us. To maximise our services to you, the website uses cookies. Cookies are used for features of our website and for more usability for you as a client or visitor.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small, simple text files that we are placing on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you are visiting our website. Via these cookies we are tracking information on your visit to our website. At your next visit with the same device the information in this text file is consulted in order to recognise you.

Cookies on

TriFact365 uses analytic cookies via the services of Google Analytics. They make sure that the traffic to our website is monitored. This information enables us to optimise the website and publish important information easier.

TriFact365 uses functional cookies for our website via the services of WordPress (CMS system).

TriFact365 values Social Media. Social netwerks tend to work a lot with cookies. The social media icons on some websites are only visible and functional when cookies are allowed. Thus cookies enable visitors of websites to share information via social netwerks. These are functional cookies that are needed for a  smooth functioning of the social media on our website.

TriFact365 portal

Also the TriFact365 uses cookies: SID, Language and Google Analytics cookies. The SID-cookies is the session identification of the user. The language cookie is used in order to remember the language of the login page. In that way a user does not have to choose his/her language every time he visits the portal. Of course no other data is recorded in this process. It is important to know that TriFact365 never uses cookies to identify passwords or other private data from your computer. When you choose to disable your cookies you will not be able to login to the TriFact365 portal.

What changes when you disable the cookies?

  • Settings for websites are no longer remembered.
  • Websites with advertisements can no longer be adjusted to your preferences or visit history.
  • In some cases sharing information of the website via social networks will not be possible.
  • In some cases not all features of the website will be accesible.

Cookie settings for more usability

Our website uses cookies. Cookies make the website more personal and more user-friendly. Via your browser settings you can determine your cookie preferences for visiting

This cookie statement does not apply to third party websites and social media that TriFact365 links to.