Accounting Online: Why personal contact is very important for Spijker Accountancy

Customer example Spijker Accountancy
Customer example Spijker Accountancy

Spijker Accountancy provides small and medium sized organizations with their financial and fiscal needs. They specialize in payroll administration in the Construction, Welfare and Hospital sector among others. Spijker Accountancy takes care of the entire financial administration for some clients. Other clients do their own bookkeeping online with help from them. Marion Mulkens is one of the six employees and partner of Rob Spijker, founder of the firm. Marion takes care of the payroll administration and makes intensive use of TriFact365.

Personal contact with the client

Marion explains that regardless of the switch to digitalization, personal contact with customers is very important. “We have different types of customers from different generations. One customer largely processes his own administration where the other customer likes to do this in consultation. The danger of the application of technology is that you no longer see your customers in person, so I like to visit them. One reason for dropping by, for example, is to process the receipts. I go by once every quarter and upload all the receipts on the spot using TriFact365’s mobile app”, Marion says. The reactions of customers to the switch to digital and TriFact365 is very positive indicates Marion. Especially the simple delivery of the invoices is a plus, it saves the customer from having to bring or send invoices.

Fair use policy

Since 2016 Spijker Accountancy is a TriFact365 customer and in 2017 they switched to the fixed subscription. Marion explains that by googling ‘scan and recognize’ they ended up with TriFact365. “We work with Exact Online and they also have their own scan and recognize module. Only the costs of that were very high,” says Marion. “We then just started googling and that’s how we ended up with TriFact365. Especially the fair use policy of the fixed subscription was very appealing to us”. TriFact365’s fair use policy means that 50 invoices are included per linked administration. “What appeals to customers about this policy in particular is that when they upload more than 50 invoices in one administration and less in another administration, this outweighs each other,” says Rick Spek, Inside Sales Consultant at TriFact365.

TriFact365 pricing with Variable and Fixed subscriptions.
Fair use at rates of TriFact365

User friendly

In addition to the competitive rates, user-friendliness of the software was another reason for Marion to start working with TriFact365. “I really like the fact that when a new creditor or debtor needs to be booked, TriFact365 presents a proposal. This saves me a lot of time as I don’t have to manually enter all the creditor/debtor data”, Marion said. The time saved means that Spijker Accountancy has more time for personal contact with their clients. “In the ongoing development of TriFact365, usability is an important pillar. When developing new features, we take the wishes of our customers into account. We use their wishes as a guideline for what is developed”, says Kristian van Dijk, Product Owner at TriFact365.

Why TriFact365 for your Accounting Online?

TriFact365 provides a cloud solution for digital processing of purchase invoices, sales invoices and receipts. These documents can be easily uploaded via the web application, email and mobile app. The scan and recognize software works real time and fully automatically with self-learning algorithms. A real-time link is possible between TriFact365 and the largest accounting packages in the Netherlands.

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