How SAM Welfare Foundation provides accurate accountability thanks to TriFact365

Stichting SAM Welzijn focuses on promoting well-being and participation among the inhabitants of the municipality of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk. The goal is to lower barriers so that people can easily participate in society which benefits their own well-being and/or the local community.

Huis van Alles

An important initiative of SAM is the “Huis van Alles”, locations spread across different village cores. Each core has a location where residents organize activities such as eating together, playing cards and the like. Social organizations hold walk-in mornings here, consultation hours, help with filling out forms, among other things. Wilma is responsible for the administrative organization, reports and annual accounts within the organization.

Stichting Sam Welzijn

With 14 employees (about 9 fte) we speak of a relatively small organization in this case, but an impressive number of about 400 volunteers are involved. These volunteers are provided by SAM with a professional infrastructure so that they can fully focus on implementation. This infrastructure can include, for example, the possibility of doing budget management.


Wilma indicates that a number of things played into the choice of TriFact365. For many scanning and recognition solutions, pricing is focused on accountants and that can be disadvantageous when purchasing relatively small quantities. Therefore, the fact that TriFact365 had good pricing was a good reason to investigate TriFact365 further.

We want to be accountable to the municipality, for which TriFact365’s approval function is crucial.

In addition, it is very important for a subsidized institution to be able to provide accurate accountability. The approval process provided by TriFact365 is therefore crucial, ensuring that accountability is placed at the right level in the organization. The implementation of the app in this proved to be a particularly valuable addition, as it significantly simplified the approval process.


The decision was made to immediately implement the system live without a test period after a brief inventory of the possibilities. With only one or two minor corrections, going live went without a hitch.

Even for an organization of this size, Wilma stressed the importance of handling community money responsibly. Wilma realized that it is not a given that a community organization has its processes so well in order. When they switched to a new accountant who closely examined all internal processes, they received a compliment on how well they had organized this.

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