Digital invoices: 10 tips for your change journey

laptop with invoices and a cup of coffee to portray the convenience of TriFact365 in support of the 10 tips for receiving digital invoices.

Planning a change process for digital invoices? Then this blog is really for you. These 10 tips have been compiled by the experts at TriFact365 based on years of experience and contacts with businesses, non-profit and accountants.

1. Temper your own expectations

The first of the 10 tips for optimal processing is immediately the most important. Digital processing of invoices is an excellent goal, but realise that this does not mean 100% automation where you no longer need to do any accounting. Your main goal is to optimise the entire invoice flow, minimising actions and increasing quality. Do NOT assume 100% fully automated processing of invoices. This will prevent disappointment afterwards.

2. Put the design of the invoicing process on paper

Think carefully about the set-up beforehand. How does your process currently work and how would you like to go digital? Redraw the process, possibly changing the order of processes.

3. Convince the end user

In practice, we find that end-users have routines that are not easy to replace. We experience this problem almost daily; it is the nature of the beast. Change also requires conviction, which is why we are happy to help you with arguments that enthuse your users to work more efficiently.

4. Manage the expectations of colleagues

Ensure support by working out the processes well in advance and discussing tasks. Share with colleagues the vision to work digitally and explain why you want to improve the process. As with other changes, implementation does not go without a hitch.

5. Have invoices mailed directly by suppliers

A functional tip. Allow suppliers to email their PDF/UBL invoices directly to TriFact365. To this end, provide suppliers with their own invoice mailbox that automatically forwards all emails to the unique mailbox in TriFact365. Unwanted invoices can always be rejected or deleted.

6. Use your scanner’s e-mail function

The remainder of invoices should preferably be processed via a scanner. Many people have a scanner with e-mail functionality, but don’t use it. It works very simply, once figured out and you send the scanned invoices to your scanning line in TriFact365 in no time.

7. Take advantage of smart features in the control screen

Did you know that when checking a booking proposal, you can use several smart options such as the TAB key and shortcut keys? These allow you to click through the various fields faster than using the mouse. Also, using a real-time link with the Chamber of Commerce, you can easily create creditors/debtors without having to fill in all the details.

8. Opt for larger monitors

A heads-up, bookkeepers and accountants like to work with larger screens. Working from a Full HD screen is pleasant. TriFact365 automatically scales readable invoices with it. This allows you to validate data faster. Many users use two monitors for intensive use, and ultra-wide screens are also increasingly used.

9. Also try digital approval of invoices

We call this authorisation and procuration. In the scan and recognise market, TriFact365 is known for its comprehensive procuration schemes and options to support ‘fastclose’ month-end closing.

10. Take advantage of free support

The last of the 10 tips. Make sure you have good support. TriFact365 support, for example, is always free and we are known for responding quickly and personally. So don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re here for you! In addition, we have a comprehensive support page where you can find answers to all your questions.

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