Updated: Authorisation and Confirmation

Within TriFact365, as an Administrator you have the option to have documents approved at different times. In this, you have the choice of having documents approved upon receipt (Authorisation) and/or upon making an entry to the accounting package (Confirmation).

Based on a survey of our customers’ experiences, the screens for changing Authorisation and Confirmation schedules are updated. What changes have been made? And what does this mean for the set-up of Authorisation and Confirmation?


  1. Level replaced by Stage. By using the word Stage, it is clear to every User that the document will be included in a subsequent approval step after the previous approval.
  2. Required/Optional replaced by All Users/Single User. Approvals within a stage are given by all users or one user. This is a simplification with respect to Mandatory/Optional per User.

Set up

In the past, it was sometimes not immediately clear how an authorisation and/or confirmation schedule was set up or to which administration it was attached. In the new design, changes have been made to improve these points:


Set up authorization scheme


Set up workflows in TriFact365, multiple phases, multiple users per phase, mandatory approval by all users or by one user, for approving/authorizing documents, receipts and invoices

Set up new schedule


  1. Ensure that Users have been assigned the rights to Authorisation and/or Confirmation
  2. Assign 1 or more administrations to the User
  3. Check Confirmation at Settings (Cogwheel) > Administrations if you want to use Confirmation for an administration

By following the instructions below, you can create a new schedule for both Authorisation and Confirmation:

  1. Go to Settings (Cogwheel) > Authorisation/Confirmation and then click Add
  2. Give the Authorisation or Confirmation schedeule a recognisable description
  3. Click the button with the Plus sign. Stage 1 becomes available
  4. Select a User in Stage 1
  5. If necessary, add another User via the Plus button. You can add a maximum of 10 Users to one stage
  6. If you add more than one User to a stage, an additional setting becomes available:
    All Users: All Users in this stage must compulsorily approve the document
    One User: One of the Users in this stage must approve the document
  7. Click on Add stage to add a new stage, up to a maximum of 5 stages
  8. Click on Delete stage to remove a stage from the workflow

Add administration(s)

The final step for setting up a schedule is to assign an administration.

For Authorisation, an administration can only be assigned to 1 schedule. However, an administration can be assigned to multiple Confirmation schedules.

Click on one of the following links for an explanation of the set-up of Authorisation and/or Confirmation schedules:

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