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Set up confirmation

Before you start

  1. Add the right “Confirmation” to the User(s) who need to confirm invoices
  2. Add administration(s) to the User(s) for which they need to authorise. See for more information this link

Step 1 

Go to Settings (Cogwheel) and click on ‘Administrations’. Check the box Confirmation’ for the relevant administration.

Step 2

Go to Settings (Cogwheel), click on ‘Confirmation’ followed by ‘Add’.  

Step 3

Click on the ‘Magnifying glass’ next to the “Confirmation schedule”.  

On the left side the Confirming users are mentioned. Clicking the “Green plus” will add the selected User to the schedule. Only Users with the Confirmation right will be shown in the drop-down menu.  

Optional vs. Required + Level 

For every User you need to make the decision if confirmation by this User is optional or required. Beside this, you can add Users to different levels so the confirmation will have a hierarchical structure. 


‘Optional’ is used when multiple Users are added to the same level and only one approval of one of the Users is required. 


On the right side are the Administrations mentioned. Clicking the “Green plus” will add the selected administration to the schedule. 


The selected and added administration is in use for all Users in the schedule. It is not needed to add the administration(s) to a single User (line). 

TrIFact365 example confirmation schedule with one user and one administration

Step 4

From this moment when invoices are checked and processed, they will get the status “Confirm”.

Read more about how to confirm invoices in this link.  

Confirm on dashboard 

‘Confirm’ is only available for Administrators and Users with the right Confirmation.  

 “Upload” and “Confirmation” rights 

If you have the rights “Upload” and “Confirmation” as a User, “My backlog” will show all invoices with the status Confirm.