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Automatic line recognition

Using the automatic line recognition will create multiple journal entry lines when recognised and validated on the invoice.

For activating the automatic line recognition, go to Settings (Cogwheel) Administrations >Pencil > Settings.

Switch Automatic line recognition to Yes and click Save.

Entry settings: Automatic line recognition: Yes

Check and process

When TriFact365 recognised and validated multiple lines on the invoice, an automatic proposal with multiple journal entry lines will be presented. Information copied from the invoice is:

  • Line Description
  • Amount (excl. VAT)
  • VAT
  • Total (incl. VAT)

Automatic ledger recognition

Based on the accumulated history, TriFact365 will automatically propose ledgers if the invoice can be split into multiple lines. The following points of attention apply:

  1. If one line is recognised and a standard account is set for the relation? Then the standard account is adopted on the journal entry line.
  1. If multiple lines are recognised, ledgers are proposed for the multiple journal entry lines based on the accumulated history. In this case, the standard account is NOT adopted.
Split booking lines

  1. Are there multiple rules recognised, but TriFact365 can only suggest a part of the rules? Then the remaining rules are marked red. By completing these yourself, TriFact365 can learn from this for the next proposals. 
Disaggregated posting lines without a completed general ledger

Merge entry lines

In case multiple journal entry lines are not desired, you can check the box Merge entry lines. All entry lines will be merged based on the VAT-rate.

TIP: Merging of entry lines is also available as a supplier/customer setting.

Merged posting lines