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Automatic line recognition (BETA)


This feature is made available as a BETA. This means that new updates will provide further improvements for this feature.

Using the automatic line recognition will create multiple journal entry lines when recognised and validated on the invoice.

Activating automatic line recognition

For activating the automatic line recognition, go to Settings > Administrations > Magnifying glass > Settings.

Switch ‘Automatic line recognition (BETA)’ to ‘YES’.

Automatic line recognition (BETA) setting
Check and process

When TriFact365 recognised and validated multiple lines on the invoice, an automatic proposal with multiple journal entry lines will be presented. Information copied from the invoice is:

  • Line Description
  • Amount (excl. VAT)
  • VAT
  • Total (incl. VAT)
Automatic line recognition (BETA)
Merge entry lines

In case multiple journal entry lines are not desired, you can check the box ‘Merge entry lines’. All entry lines will be merged based on the VAT-rate.

TIP: Merging of entry lines is also available as a creditor/debtor setting.