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Start-up guide TriFact365

Before you start using TriFact365 it is essential to check some settings for a correct operation regarding TriFact365. Click here for the System requirements.

1. Linking with accounting software

When you first log on to TriFact365 you will be asked to link TriFact365 with your accounting software. Click van of the links below for the instructions to make your link.

  1. Link with AccountView
  2. Link with AFAS
  3. Link with Exact Online
  4. Link with King Anywhere
  5. Link with King Business Software
  6. Link with SnelStart
  7. Link with Twinfield
  8. Link with Unit4 Multivers
  9. Link with Visma eAccounting

2. Add administration(s)

After realising the link with you accounting software you are automatically directed to the page where you can add your administration(s). After adding the administration(s) you can upload and process your invoices. Click here to read more about adding administration(s).

3. Dashboard

With adding your administration(s) you will be directed to the “Dashboard”. Here you can start an instruction tour by clicking the ‘Question mark’ at the top right of the screen. This tour will give you information about the different features in the “Dashboard” and other screens of TriFact365.

4. Menu

Every screen has access to the menu with the following options:

Dashboard UploadBacklog Archive
• Company name (Account details – Invoice overview)
• Username (Change password Change language – Log out)
• Settings (Cogwheel)
• Question mark (Support page – Instruction tour)

5. Add user

Add extra Users to TriFact365 for people who need to upload, check and/or confirm invoices. After adding a new User, you can assign the needed role(s), right(s) and administration(s).

6. Upload

Uploading purchase and sales invoices (PDF/UBL) can be done in the portal or by sending an e-mail. Receipts can be uploaded by using the mobile app. After an invoice or receipt is uploaded it will become available in de workflow of TriFact365.

Hint! Let your invoices automatically be forwarded by e-mail.

7. Checking journal entry proposal

When an invoice or receipt is uploaded it will appear in TriFact365 with the status “Check”. After checking the journal entry, you can make a final entry in your accounting software.

Check the links for some helpful features:

New relation proposal
Check duplicate invoices
VAT calculator
Processing credit invoices
Keyboard shortcuts
Calculation function
Updating master data
Accrual entry
Foreign currency
Display options

8. Authorisation/Confirmation

Within the workflow it is possible to add an approval step. There are two options:

Authorisation is used before checking the journal entry proposal. In this stage you will approve an invoice after it has been uploaded in TriFact365.
Set up authorisation
How to authorise

Confirmation is used after checking the journal entry proposal. In this stage you can approve or reject the journal entry. After confirming the entry, the entry will be send to the accounting software.
Set up confirmation
How to confirm

9. E-mail reminders

If you have extended your workflow with authorisation or confirmation you can send e-mail reminders to your Users to let them know they have invoices to approve. An Administrator can implement this feature so invoices will be approved on time.

10. (Un)Blocking invoices for payment

Using confirmation gives you the ability to (un)block a journal entry for payment. Click here to set up the “Entry before confirmation” feature as a start. Depending on the accounting software additional settings must be made to (un)block a journal entry for payment.
(Un)blocking invoices for payment (AccountView)
(Un)blocking invoices for payment (AFAS)
(Un)blocking invoices for payment (Exact Online)
(Un)blocking invoices for payment (Twinfield)
(Un)blocking invoices for payment (Unit4 Multivers)

11. Administration settings

To process invoices quicker and easier there are different settings which can be adjusted at the administration level in TriFact365.

Upload settings

Entry settings

Confirmation settings