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Calculation function in check screen


The Check screen contains a number of fields with a calculation function. These allow you to make calculations quickly. In these cells you can add (+), subtract (-), multiply (*) and divide (/). The calculation function works in the cells Amount and VAT.

You can enter the calculation in these cells. When you press Enter, the calculation is performed and the result is displayed.

40 + 10 marked in red in the Amount column

VAT calculator

It may happen that the amount including VAT is recognised instead of the amount excluding VAT. To process an entry correctly, the Amount field must always contain the amount excluding VAT.

You can use the calculator to convert the amount including VAT to an amount excluding VAT. When you click on the Calculator, the amount will be converted automatically. You can undo the calculation by clicking on the Calculator again.

Cost calculator marked in red on the right of the column Amount