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Changing authorisation schedule

The changes are only effective for invoices uploaded after the change has been made.

To change an existing authorisation schedule, it is important to follow the correct steps.

Step 1
Do you have invoices with Authorisation status that you want to process with a modified authorisation schedule? From the Dashboard, go to the Authorisation overview. Tick the lines containing the invoices you want to change the authorisation schedule for. Select Stop authorisation process.

These invoices will now receive the status Rejected.

Step 2
Adjust the authorisation schedule. To do so, go to Settings (cogwheel) and click Authorisation. Then click on the Pencil behind the authorisation schedule you want to change. Make the change(s).

Step 3
The invoices with status Rejected can now be resubmitted for authorisation. To do so, click on the Dashboard message: ‘There are … invoices with the status Disapproved’, filter by administration if necessary and click Search. Tick the lines containing the invoices you wish to reauthorise, click on Restore and confirm the operation by clicking on Execute.

The invoices can now be Authorised.