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Changing confirmation schedule


The changes are only effective for invoices presented for confirmation after the change has been implemented

To change an existing confirmation schedule, it is important to follow the correct steps.

Step 1
Are there any invoices with the status confirmation that you want to process via a changed confirmation scheme? From the Dashboard go to the Confirmation overview. Select the lines with the invoices for which you want to change the confirmation schedule. Select Stop confirmation process.

These invoices will now be returned to the Check status.


Are you using Entry before confirmation? Then delete the booking already made for these invoices in the accounting software.

Step 2
Adjust the desired confirmation schedule. Go to Settings (cogwheel) and click on Confirmation. Then click on the Pencil behind the confirmation scheme you want to change. Make the change(s).

Step 3
You can now process the invoices with the status Check and assign them to the modified confirmation schedule.