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Deleting a user


You need to be an Administrator in order to delete Users.

Do you want to delete a User? Go through the following step-by-step plan to do this successfully.

Step 1
Remove the User from any authorization and/or confirmation schedules. Otherwise the User cannot be deleted.

Step 2
Go to the Dashboard and click on Authorization overview and/or Confirmation overview. Check the invoices that are linked to the schedule the User was in and stop these invoices.

Step 3
After this the invoices are put back into the backlog and a new schedule can be assigned without this User. In this way the processing of invoices can continue.

Step 4
In addition, it is important to check whether there are any rejected invoices in which the User has had a role. To do this, go to the Backlog and filter on the status Rejected and on the accounting record(s) in which this User had a role. Place the rejected invoices back to Check or remove them from the portal.

Step 5
Go to Settings (Cogwheel) and click on Users. Check the box in front of the User and click Delete. The User is now deleted.