Deleting a user


You need to be an Administrator in order to delete users.

Wil je een gebruiker verwijderen? Doorloop het volgende stappenplan om dit succesvol te doen.

Do you want to delete a user? Go through the following step-by-step plan to do this successfully.

Remove the user from any authorization and/or confirmation schedules. Otherwise the user cannot be deleted.

Go to the Dashboard and click on ‘Authorization overview’ and/or ‘Confirmation overview’. Check the invoices that are linked to the schedule the user was in and stop these invoices.

After this the invoices are put back into the backlog and a new schedule can be assigned without this user. In this way the processing of invoices can continue.

In addition, it is important to check whether there are any rejected invoices in which the user has had a role. To do this, go to the backlog and filter on the status ‘Rejected’ and on the accounting record(s) in which this user had a role. Place the rejected invoices back to Check or remove them from the portal.

Go to the cogwheel and click on ‘Users’. Click on the cross next to the user you want to delete. The user is now deleted.

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