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Display options

In the “Check and process” screen you can change your display settings. Click on ‘Display options’ underneath the blue header.

TriFact365 display options

Cost centre, Project, Cost unit
Depending on the accounting software, one or more dimensions for specifying the journal entries can be added. You can show or hide dimensions on the journal entry lines by checking or unchecking the box. The width of fields on the journal entry lines will automatically adjust when dimensions are added or deleted.

Document position left
You can move the PDF viewer to the left side of the screen. By default, this option is unchecked.

Entry lines under document
For every administration you can move the journal entry lines below the document (PDF viewer). The journal entry lines will be stretched over the full width of the screen, creating a wider “Description” field.

We recommend using this option when more than 3 dimensions are used for the journal entry lines.

TriFact365 display options: Entry lines under document