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Downtime in My Backlog

Rarely, TriFact365 is not able to process an invoice. These invoices will be marked as Downtime.

Users with the assigned rights Upload and/or Check, Administrators and Owners will see the status Downtime in their Dashboard and Backlog and are able to delete these invoices.

A cropped printscreen of the TriFact365 Dashboard that shows an orange button that reads "Downtime"and the number one. The number one means that one of the uploaded documents could not be processed.


  • TriFact365 has found no data which could be scanned and processed
  • Sometimes a PDF file is corrupt. Meaning, the PDF file contains an error and could not be processed. Opening the PDF file will show an error.

What to do?

We recommend you to contact the sender (supplier) and inform him about the problem with its invoice. Ask the supplier to resolve the problem.

If the supplier isn’t willing to resolve the problem, print the invoice, scan it and upload it again.


An invoice with the status Downtime will be shown in the Dashboard until it’s manually deleted from the Backlog.