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Error message: Can’t connect to accounting system

Error message

Can’t connect to accounting system

This error message occurs when TriFact365 can no longer connect to the accounting software. This can be caused by a change in login details, amongst other things.

To do this, go in TriFact365 to Settings (cogwheel) > Links > Pencil.

For most accounting software packages, a link with Refresh link is available here. When you click it, you will be directed to the website of the accounting software package. Here you can enter the new login details for the link.

The following accounting software packages work differently:

  • AFAS: Here you can enter a new User token. It is also possible to renew a server link in an online link.
  • SnelStart: Here you can enter a new Link key.

All history (BacklogArchive, etc.) is retained after the link is renewed.