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Foreign currency (AFAS)

Currency amount calculation from 10 September 2020

TriFact365 will automatically calculate the Amount to the currency amount based on the default currency of the administration. For this you need the newest GetConnectors.


Journal entries for a foreign currency in AFAS Small Business are NOT possible.

TriFact365 has to opportunity to make a journal entry for a foreign currency in the accounting software of AFAS.

Are you not using foreign currencies in AFAS? Leave the field “Currency” in TriFact365 empty. By default, the journals entry will be made in Euro’s.

Add currency in AFAS

To make a journal entry in a foreign currency you need to add this currency to the administration in AFAS. Got to Algemeen > Inrichting > Landinstellingen > Valuta and add the currency.

Add currency to creditor/debtor
You also need to assign a currency to the creditor/debtor in AFAS. Go to the creditor/debtor in AFAS, click ‘Valutatoewijzingen’ and assign the currency. Set the currency as default for the creditor/debtor at “Algemeen”.

Add currency to ledger

Last, don’t forget to assign or add the currency to ledgers and VAT accounts in AFAS. Go to the ledger and/or VAT account click on ‘Valutatoewijzingen’ and add the currency.