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Foreign currency (Exact Online)

TriFact365 has to opportunity to make a journal entry for a foreign currency in the accounting software of Exact Online.

Make sure that the following settings are set in Exact Online:

  1. Go to Administratie > Stamgegevens > Dagboeken
  2. Select the journal where an entry could be made with a foreign currency and check the box ‘Variabele: Valuta’.
TriFact365 - exact online foreign currency settings
  1. Go to Financieel > Analyse en resultaten > Valuta > Wisselkoersen. Add, if needed, a foreign currency.

If the foreign currency is by default setting available for the creditor/debtor, then TriFact365 will automatically use this currency for the journal entry.

A foreign currency can be changed for every journal entry or creditor/debtor.


The box ‘Variabele: Wisselkoers’ must NOT be checked. When this box is checked, TriFact365 is not able to make a journal entry and this will result in an error message:

Wisselkoers – Moet groter zijn dan: 0