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Link with AFAS

Step 1
Go to Settings (Cogwheel) at the top right and click on Links and then click on the Add button.

Step 2
Select AFAS.

Link TriFact365 with AFAS. Step 1. Select AFAS and click Next

Step 3
Download the installation manual, download and install the GetConnectors and click Next in TriFact365.

Link TriFact365 with AFAS. Step 2. Preparations. Download the getconnectors and manual.

Step 4
Give a recognizable description to the link with AFAS and click on Next.

Link TriFact365 with AFAS. Step 3. Description.

Step 5
When using a local version of AFAS give in the User token (App Connector) and Service URL.

Are you using the online version of AFAS? Check Online version and give in the Participant number and User token (App Connector).

Link TriFact365 with AFAS. Step 4. Account details

Multiple administrations?

Do you want to use administrations from different AFAS enviroment?  For every AFAS enviroment a link with TriFact365 is needed. Make sure the installation is executed for all AFAS-enviroments.