Modify Sales invoice to Purchase invoice (vice versa)

Sometimes a document is uploaded as the wrong type, a purchase invoice is uploaded as a sales invoice (vice versa). The following steps allow you to modify the type of a document.

Step 1

Click ‘Backlog’ and check the boxes in front of the documents you would like to change. A blue menu bar is shown. Select ‘Modify type’.

Selected document in the TriFact365 backlog

Step 2

TriFact365 asks you to confirm the editing of the type and it will show you if a document can be modified. Click ‘Execute’.

Confirmation screen where a TriFact365 user can confirm they want to modify invoice type


An invoice which has been checked and/or has the status “Confirm” can’t be modified

Step 3

The type of the invoice has been modified. To check if the modification is correct see the column “Type” in the “Backlog”.

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