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PDF viewer

In TriFact365 documents are shown in a PDF viewer. The following options are available in the viewer:

A printscreen of the top of the pdf viewer in TriFact365.

  • Filename: At the left side of the header, the filename of the invoice is shown.
  • Previous/Next Page: Use the arrows (one page or beginning/ens) to scroll thru the pages of an invoice. When a specific page is requested add the page number in the field between the arrows.
  • Zoom in/out: By using the Magnifying glass you can zoom the page in or out.
  • Full Page: Click the Frame to fit the PDF file in the viewer. Now you don’t need to scroll within the page to see every piece of information.
  • Rotate 90°: Use the Rotating arrows to rotate the view 90° left or right.
  • Download: Click the Download button (right side) to download the PDF file of the invoice to your computer.
  • Select/Copy data: By using the cursor in the PDF viewer you can select one piece of information by clicking it or multiple pieces by dragging a box containing the information. Click in a field to copy the information to that field.
  • Mark recognised data: Click on the field of for instance the Invoice number and in the PDF viewer a green mark is shown where the information has been recognised.