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Received documents


This functionality is only available to Administrators.

Administrators can view all received documents within an administration. The Received documents screen functions as a delivery history, so you can always see if and when documents have been delivered. The Administrator can see which documents have been delivered by whom, when and how, and whether the documents have been successfully uploaded.

Use the menu to go to Inbox > Received documents to open the screen. Here all documents received as of 1 March 2024 are shown.

The left-hand side of the table shows when and from whom the documents were received. Also shown here is whether the document was received via the portal, e-mail or mobile app. In the case of an e-mail, no User is known and the Received from column remains empty.

A list of received documents in TrIFact365 showing the columns received on, received from, email adress and source (portal, mobile app/email)

The right-hand side of the table shows the type and file name. The three dots (•••) allow you to download the received document.

The Processed column shows whether the document was processed successfully. If the document could not be processed, the Comment column shows the reason why.

A list of received documents in TrIFact365 showing the columns type (for example purchase invoice or sales invoice), document(filename), processed/not processed and comment. In this example the column Comment is displaying the reason why the comment could not be processed (the document is password protected.)


This screen is for consulting received documents and how they were delivered. Edits to a document after uploading are NOT shown here.