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Set up automatic e-mail forwarding

To automatically send invoices via, for example, an Outlook or Gmail account, you can check the following steps.

Step 1
Set rules for the automatic forwarding of e-mails to the unique e-mail address of your administration. You can find this unique e-mail address at Administrations via the Settings (cogwheel).

A list of administrations in TriFact365 including the column "Mailbox" that shows a different e-mailadres ending with trifact365.com for each administration.


  • Do you want to forward all e-mails or only the ones with a PDF- or UBL-file attached?
  • Do you want to forward the e-mails from a specific mailbox (invoices@???.com) or from a folder in a mailbox (Folder – Invoices under administration@companyname.com)?

Check the links below for more information on setting up e-mail forwarding:

Step 2
For a Gmail account a confirmation code will be sent to the unique mailbox in TriFact365. In TriFact365 go to Settings > Mailbox. In the column Subject you will find the confirmation code marked as: (#xxxxxx)