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Set up email reminders

Are you using Authorization and/or Confirmation in TriFact365? Then you have the option to set up automatic email reminders. Users who have to approve documents will receive an email when documents are ready to be approved.

Go to Settings (Cogwheel) > Email reminders.

Here you need to make some settings:

  1. Set Send email reminders to YES. Additional fields will now become available.
  2. At Status, indicate whether the email reminders should be sent for documents to be authorized, confirmed, or both.
  3. At Send on, specify on which business days the email reminders should be sent.
  4. Click Save when you have set everything to your liking.
E-mail reminders setting in TrIFact365


After you have set up the email reminders, you still have to indicate for which administrations they have to be sent.

  1. Go to Settings (Cogwheel) > Administrations.
  2. Tick E-mail Reminder for the administration for which email reminders should be sent.
  3. Click on Save.

After this, the email reminders are sent to Users who have documents ready for approval.